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2016 Scholarship!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

In addition to being our Youth Leader and intern for the past year, Amaryllis Lopez is now our 2016 Scholarship recipient. Throughout her time with us, Lily not only had the drive to better her art and writing skills, but she possessed a sincere desire to improve the city of Lawrence's education system and maintained an enthusiasm for progress that was infectious.

Elevated Thought would not have made the strides it did the past year without this young woman. Somehow she embodies the history, culture, heritage, and dreams of this wonderful city. From writing and facilitating our Creative. Community Change. (C3) Program to producing a short film - she never failed to take on a challenge and continuously brought ideas to life.

As she heads to Bridgewater State for her freshman year to further build her personal foundation for success, she knows her work is just beginning and Lawrence, the city she loves, is never far away.

Thank you to Mr. Louis Luciano for funding our scholarship program now 5 years strong!

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