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Since 2010 Elevated Thought has:
* Worked with over 3,000 young people in Lawrence between the ages of 13-24 through our after school and in school programs, workshops and public art projects.

* Attended the U.S. Department of Education’s National Student Art Exhibit in May 2014 and headlined a return visit inMay 2017 to present our youth’s bill of rights, associated short film, education-themed spoken word pieces and a display in the Department’s Student Art Exhibit.

* Employed over 50 youth since 2018, spending over $350,000 in youth salaries and stipends 

* Facilitated over 70 workshops in community centers, schools, and organizations across Massachusetts (and a workshop in Haiti) 

* Sponsored 24 scholarships for 9 students attending art colleges totaling $24,500 

* Completed over 70 private & public murals  

* Donated over $75,000 in our citywide beautification effort in Lawrence, painting social, historical, and culturally themed artwork across the city
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