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our city. our process

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Andover Breadloaf does it again...who would have thought that a creative writing conference could draw over 50+ students on a Saturday morning. This was the 4th Annual Fall Young Writers conference held at the Lawrence Boys & Girls Club. The theme for this years conference was to Write the Promise. Elevated Thought worked with Lawrence youth, ranging between the ages of 13-18, in the Our Promise. Our City workshop - an extension of Elevated Thought's Creative. Community. Change. curriculum. Students came up with their own definition of the word promise, made a promise to their city through poetry and translated the theme of their poem to visual art. In this lesson they were taught composed graffiti and how to tag by professional artist Jared Goulette. Students were shown various techniques, tagged the word promise and designed a mural idea based on that word and other elements of their poem. Hope coincides with people who make promises of improvement and change, and follow through with it. In this workshop, our students began the process of a mural that emphasizes these promises.

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