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Summer Intensive Art Program

July 15-26th, Monday through Friday | 9 am - 3 pm

applications are now open

Interested in learning some new skills and techniques while working on projects that matter to you? Join our summer intensive art program for high school youth! You'll have two weeks to expand on your main art medium (writing, visual arts, photography, and sewing) and then electives such as screen printing, spray painting, mixed media etc! T

We are offering workshops in the following tracks:

  • Visual Arts (including painting, illustration, mural production, mixed media...)

    ● Photography + Videography (digital, analog, film...)
    ● Creative Writing (poetry, spoken word performance, freestyle, essay, journalism...)

    ● Sewing ( Sewing & Sustainable Fashion)


Program Offerings:


    ● Participants will earn a $590 stipend at the end of the two weeks
    ● Full access to our art supplies, equipment, and workspace
    ● Free lunch
    ● Professional mentorship

For any questions or concerns, please contact our Program Coordinator,

   Deadline to apply is Sunday April 28th, 2024


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