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Elevated Thought ® offers a wide range of services and opportunities to creatively build community and provide paid opportunities for artists of color. From murals to narrative-based visual research, work with us to create a more vibrant human experience for the areas where you live, work, and love. 


et model cost breakdown


Teachers / Artist Percentage



Material Budget Percentage  



Elevated Thought Percentage


design + media


Design: $150 +

Flyers, single sketch designs, small-scale illustrations

Graphic Designer: $1,500

Logos, posters, custom illustrations, higher detailed projects, print & digital options


Brand Ambassador: $5,000 +

Logos, Full Branding Packages, 

Marketing, Web Design, Multi-Platform Designing




Writing - Visual Arts - Photography


Single Workshop: $300

1x Session (1hr.)

One Teaching Artists

Two hour session(s) is $540


Double Up: $420 + 

(Required for ages K-4)

1x Session, (1hr.)

Two Teaching Artists

Two hour session(s) in $780


Residency Package: $1,250 +

This package consists of a multiple part workshop series.


All options can be cross disciplinary with an emphasis on multi-media forms; giving participants a well 

rounded experience of hands on 


video production


$500 per 30 seconds for video.

(ex. $5,000 for a five minute video)




Film and Digital


Package 1: $300 +

Single Shooter

1-3 person/object shoots, portraits, landscapes, pets, baby, merchandise, etc.


Deluxe Package 2: $500 +

Up to two shooters

Real estate/architecture, large family portraits, events, conferences/seminars, parties, workshops, reunions, etc.


Premium Package 3: $1,500 + 

Full Crew Weddings, grand events (sports, fairs/festivals, award ceremonies, block parties), workshops, and 

portrait sessions of 1-6+ people.

gallery tours


Our gallery is constantly changing and inspiring. Book your school field trip and tour our space, or take a guided walk around the city to see all the amazing public art by both Elevated Thought and other local artists and organizers.


Guided Tours: $100

All ages welcome


Gallery Hosting: $500 +

Showcase your artwork


Mural Tour: $1,250 +

This package consists of a multiple part workshop series.

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