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Phoenix Academy Update

Updated: Aug 26, 2019


One month into our journey at Phoenix Academy in Lawrence and it has clearly defined why we do what we do. The setting: An alternative high school with, in most community circles, a negative reputation. The students: A student leaving class early for court, praying he beats a case. A student writing poetry about their newborn daughter and the father who left without notice back to D.R. Students with abusive pasts. Students redefining who they are. Students who believe there is hope for them and their community. Students that believe hope is a myth. It's truly an incredible group we have. Even from the first to third day of class, they all made great strides and the Elevated Thought culture of respect, community, and creativity is becoming a living, breathing, every day reality. With David Christopher (or DC as the kids and I call him), my C3 partner in elevation and lead art teacher, I leave Phoenix everyday with more and more purpose, ideas, and belief in the hope of our students and the city of Lawrence. Stay tuned...

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