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Recap of Our First Book Release

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We'd like to thank everyone who came out to El Taller for the book release on Wednesday, November 18. We had a great time sharing our work and invited attendees to do some writing of their own based on the prompt "Write about a specific season, what does it mean to you personally. Include memories and insights that make the season unique to you." It was incredible hearing members of the Common Sage and others read their reflections and we'd like to invite our extended family to do the same. Write about a season, Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer and what it means to you. Is Fall a time of introspection, or a season of new beginnings. Is winter bleak and grey or is it refreshing to see your neighborhood disappear beneath flakes of pure white snow. Send us your poetry and writing and it just might be added to our Community Journal we'll be publishing in 2016!

Submissions can be emailed to

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