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New Mural, New Approach, Same Result

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Two weeks ago David Christopher and Markus Sebastiano completed a mural for UP Academy Oliver in Lawrence unlike any mural we’ve done previously. David’s illustrations were blown-up to a massive scale atop a mixed media background designed by Markus, who used many historical clippings from old Lawrence newspapers. The mural is 60ft long and was printed on 54" strips of vinyl and then attached to the wall with the help of RAPHAGRAPHIC.

A narrative with a historical foundation, photographs, newspapers, blueprints and documents from the birth of Lawrence were combined with the use of symbolism and the school's mascot -an owl.

The story begins on the left side with the historic creation of the city, including the construction of the mills, the textile workers and the bread and roses strike. The roses carry the viewer forward towards the right side with the youth being the foundation of the city's future. The buildings here will be styled to resemble utopian structures. The owl is there representing the need and use of knowledge to fuel a path forward.

In addition, Alex J. Brien and David Christopher produced a book spine mural in a different part of the academy reflecting some of the titles the youth read throughout their middle schools years. Click here to view more images of the mural!

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