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This is where I'm from. This is home to me.

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

An Elevated Thought short film based on an open dialogue between four of our longtime youth from Lawrence and North Andover (two from each respective city / town) that tread the waters of stereotypes, underdeveloped perspectives, diverse challenges, unique beauty and culture. Uncomfortable and difficult at first, the youth eventually opened up, listened and came to appreciate the contrasts and occasional similarities of where their peers were from. The two groups came closer and led the way for more of our Lawrence and North Andover youth to unify during our C3 sessions at our headquarters - putting down pretenses, opening up and creating a community journal in unison - building out this program as a staple of Elevated Thought.

Amaryllis Lopez, our Youth Leader from Lawrence who crafted the curriculum with our North Andover Youth Leader, Sayde, used the course as the framework for this short film, which she created with our Executive Director, Marquis Victor. Premiering at this past weekend's Lawrence Film & Jazz Festival held by the Essex Art Center, 'This is where I'm from. This is home to me.' was one of two films honored with the Outstanding Film Award.

Maybe it will prompt you to ask the question - 'Where are you from? What is home to you?

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