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Solidarity with the Asian community

The rising number of hate crimes towards Asian Americans in the US is disturbing. We at Elevated Thought are angered by the anti-Asian rhetoric and violence that has amplified since the COVID-19 pandemic began. We stand in solidarity with the Asian community.

For more context check out this thread by Michelle Kim and Terisa Siagatonu.

We are in a global community of struggle against white supremacy. We must commit ourselves to take care of one another and hold each other accountable. It should not take violence to unite us at a national level. We are deeply disturbed and saddened by the rise of anti-Asian racism and rhetoric. It’s important for us to come together and amplify the experiences of Asian Americans and the Asian diaspora.

Here are some accounts that have furthered our knowledge and are amplifying resources for Asian Americans:

Stop AAPI Hate is a reporting center for anti-Asian hate aggravated by COVID-19.

Addressing anti-Asian sentiment while standing in solidarity with Black liberation and anti-racist movements.

Are educating South Asians on dismantling anti-Blackness and exploring SA identity

Asian and Pacific Islander Women Lead - in solidarity with other communities of color.

Shattering age & location barriers to amplify Asian and Asian Diaspora narratives worldwide

NYC-based Asian American feminists in solidarity organizing, politicizing & talking back

Please share and drop in the comments any Asian American organizations, organizers, and resources that are working towards social justice! We do not and will not tolerate or engage with xenophobic, anti-Asian, and pro-police ideals.


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