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artist in residence

Rixy is a Latinx Interdisciplinary Street Artist, Educator, & Community Activist, conceptualizing feminine divinity in their various forms. She reinterprets fantastical stories of agency and identity – like episodes of a never-ending cartoon we've experienced across cultures. Approaching “sensuality” as a range of one’s mind, body, and soul, the stylized work mixes mediums like loose paints, fabric, & drawing tools to create these worldly ‘sabores’ (flavors). Here, this practice is for one’s reflection of our various layers, and to test the limits of one’s engagement.

She received her BA in Studio Art at UMass Boston, with a concentration in Sculpture, as a practice in spatial awareness. She has received the 2019 Ruth Butler Travel Fellowship for a Studio Residency in Mexico, and the 2017 Arts|Learning Award for Student Arts Advocacy. Her passion to expand her practice, personifies her drive to educate, to provide access to the Arts for others. This has allowed her to evolve into a Teacher and Director; holding positions as an Adjunct Instructor at the Boston Architectural College, & the Public Art Coordinator of Central Sq’s BID's "Speak Your Piece" Campaign; exhibiting on street-wide to institutional walls.

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