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Elevated Thought Shop

A collection of artwork, books, and apparel created by the artists, writers and students of Elevated Thought. Click on the previews below to view and purchase each book. Proceeds go to furthering the reach and growth of our In House Programing.

Elevated Thought Black V-Neck


Printed locally in New England this slim fitting black V-Neck comes in all sizes and is made to order.

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Roar Limited Edition Print

Limited to an Edition of 25 

Inspired by our In House open mic events where students and artists share poetry, music and creative writing.

Artwork by David Christopher Isle.

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Traveling Through the Passive Dark...

Dreaming Beneath Awnings of Light

This book collects the writing of Marquis Victor and the artwork of 

David Christopher Isle. This collaboration features the work they created during 2014-2015. It is broken up between the different seasons of the month in which each chapter reflects the experience of Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, ending with the following Winter.


Books are available through

Elevated Thought

Summer 2015 Portfolio

This book is a recap of the programing, beautification efforts and artists of Elevated Thought.


Books are available through

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