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wilfred acosta

content producer

Willfred Acosta is a creative assistant at Elevated Thought and has formerly been involved with the organization as a creative mentor and collaborating artist, and a participant in programming during his junior and senior years of high school. As a first generation Dominican born in Lawrence, MA, Wilfred was born and raised in the City before moving to Methuen. He is currently attending Northern Essex Community College and majoring in Art.


Wilfred’s work as a creative assistant focuses on supporting the organization’s illustrative needs and being hands on with large scale productions, while providing direct support to the art director. In his role, he is responsible for creating a variety of illustrations and drawings for internal and external use. He also works closely with design and social media team members. Using art as a form of self-reflection and a medium for independent thought, existential freedom and universal positivity, his drive is inspired by the innerstanding of knowledge of self and the important questions we must ask ourselves in order to further understand our existence in the world we live in and the adversity we face. 

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