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artist in residence

rwrk sewing & fashion design program mentored by chenara lam

Throughout the ages, fashion design has allowed designers to broadcast their ideas for the world to see. In recent decades, however, corporations have begun to capitalize on the art form for monetary greed. This is most noticeable through the overproduction of garments due to the rise of fast fashion. Not only does this process result in labor exploitation and human rights abuses in the Global South, but it also negatively affects the environment with millions of tons of textiles ultimately ending up in landfills every year.


RWRK gives you the opportunity to reject this capitalist culture around fashion by empowering you with the tools and knowledge to focus on sustainability. Techniques like sewing open up a world of possibilities for consumers that minimize the negative impact that fast fashion has on our world. Embracing sustainable fashion “teaches valuable skills of up-cycling and recycling," allowing individuals to create one-of-a-kind pieces that suit their style while repurposing quality materials.


In collaboration, RWRK’s final project will consist of a full collection together to be displayed at the end of the class series. 


the artist evolution camp mentored by rixy

A free professional development program for artists to grow their conceptual paths + better their industrial endeavors. From ABC… to …XYZ. This program aims to:


  • To provide artistic safe spaces for emerging artists to explore and expand their creative skills

  • To foster collaboration and support for group critique and build within the arts community

  •  To build a personalized artistic toolkit (including a Resume / CV, Portfolio, Website, Statements, etc)

  •  To offer a $150 stipend for support on the toolkit, or final project

  • To support the challenge of taking on art industry strategies (Grants, Residencies, Applications, etc)

  • To create a culminating project for a final group exhibition to use as inspiration for future endeavors

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