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et on the 6th


creative center

Elevated Thought (ET) aims to increase its impact on the youth and community through the ‘ET on the sixth’ Creative Center on the sixth floor of the historic Everett Mills. The expansion to over 18,000 square feet is a priority in order to best serve the youth, artists of color, and the broader community of Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley.

areas of impact

1  Serve more youth!

2  Develop youth program models for a large              range of ages and needs

 Media Lab with Equipment/Software for                  Photo Video Editing

4  After School Program Space

5  Podcast Room

6  Art + Social Justice Library

  Expand performance and event space, and an       additional gallery space

8  Artist collaboration and workshop space

 ET Store

10 Job opportunities for youth and creatives


growth + impact

Elevated Thought is seeking $4 million dollars of investment funding over the next 12 months to ensure staff capacity and security; construction costs for our ET on the 6th Creative Center, which will provide adequate space for the growth and strengthening of our work, general organizational stability and allowing us to continue being a model of how to build a truly civil society leveraging art as a form of liberation.


Elevated Thought is a staple in the community; providing creative and liberating spaces and opportunities for workforce and youth development programming. We are located at the heart of the city in the historic Everett Mills, where some of the nation’s most important workforce and labor related events have taken place; including the Bread and Roses Labor Strike of 1912. We are changing the narrative of how the city is perceived both internally and externally; generating commitment to creativity's role in human flourishing. 

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