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Officially founded in 2010, Elevated Thought ® was born in 2008; an idea that stems from a poem and a mural addressing social issues and demanding solutions. The mission quickly followed. Running our first art and social justice based workshop at Lawrence Community Works in 2010, our first official mural at Orchard Gardens in Roxbury in 2011, and our first Scholarship in 2012, we have continued to strengthen our mission each year since; serving, inspiring, and building through art.

Elevated Thought has:
* Worked with over
3,000 young people in Lawrence between the ages of 13-24 through our after school and in school programs, workshops and public art projects.

* Attended the U.S. Department of Education’s National Student Art Exhibit in May 2014 and headlined a return visit in
May 2017 to present our youth’s bill of rights, associated short film, education-themed spoken word pieces and a display in the Department’s Student Art Exhibit.

* Employed over
50 youth since 2018, spending over $350,000 in youth salaries and stipends
* Facilitated over 70 workshops in community centers, schools, and organizations across Massachusetts (and a workshop in Haiti)
* Sponsored 24 scholarships for 9 students attending art colleges totaling $24,500
* Completed over 80 private & public murals 
* Donated over $75,000 in our citywide beautification effort in Lawrence, painting social, historical, and
culturally themed artwork across the city.
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