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NA Superhero Project

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We recently finished our Superpowers Project with C3 students in North Andover in collaboration with the North Andover Youth & Recreation. Youth were tasked with asking members of their school community what would they chose if they could have any super power and what would they primarily use it for.

Over 200 students answered the questions with results showing over 90% of youth would use super powers for personal gain rather than societal benefit. We discussed the possible origins of this mindset - what does this say about the community? What does it say about society? Should the results not be taken seriously? Are there too many burdens attached to being an actual super hero?

Following the conversation, youth began work on comic book covers that correlate with the survey results. Youth designs focused on what the the powers could actually be used for vs. what the youth chose the powers for.

This is a novel project for us, completely youth engineered and set in motion and we’re grateful for these ‘elevated’ youth and how the project is turned out.

What super power would you choose?

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