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Liberation Through Creation

‘What is Education? is a youth-driven campaign started over a year ago through Elevated Thought and their contract with the Mayor’s Health Task Force to coordinate the Lawrence Youth Council. It is the result of 14 months of collective efforts collecting surveys, engaging the youth on the topic of Education, and creating various art media that bring to life their vision of a progressive education system for Lawrence. LYC and Elevated Thought youth have continued their work around education this year and have went to the Department of Education in Washington D.C. to present their findings, youth bill of rights and vision of a revamped education system through various art mediums. First up is the second W.I.E. short film: ‘Liberation through Creation.’ We premiered this locally on the 4th and it played in D.C. during the youth’s presentation. It’s now available for everyone to see. Please enjoy and share.

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